Terms and Conditions

Our intended partners are not restricted to this company alone, except on special program.

Registration fee is a One Time, non-refundable payment of $32.5 only which is to be made to the company's account.

Members are entitled to any incentives qualified for within two months.

Qualifications involving Cars, Agro Empowerment Funds, Housing Support and Scholarship Funds are Ceremonial. Thus, the Company will use its discretion to fix a date to accommodate all Awardees within the period.

Grand Mega Foods Global Will be free from all liabilities in the event of any loss in terms of Registrations, Transferring of foods and Items from the Company.

All monetary transactions with GMFG should be paid into any of the company's account and company will not be held responsible for the loss of any money paid to an individual account.

The law will take full cost on those found using the name of the company to defraud any one.

You loose your membership if you are seen or found denting the image of the company in any way in other to promote another.

These terms and conditions may be changed without your notice, always check here to be updated. We are set to putting more foods on the table and more money in every pocket!

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